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Gigglepin Adventure Twin Motor Top Housing Bundle 1

Complete Twin Motor Conversion Kit for Warn 8274 Winch, Including Adventure Series Top Housing, Bow 2 Motors, Albright Solenoids and Extended Motor Bolts.

This kit contains everything that you need for replacing your existing single motor Warn 8274 top housing with a twin motor setup.

This kit includes:
• The ALL NEW Gigglepin 4x4 Adventure Series Twin Motor Top Housing
• A pair of Bow 2, 6.8HP, 5000rpm motors (Either 12 or 24V – please specify when ordering)
• Two GP Heavy Duty Albright Solenoids (Either 12 or 24V – please specify when ordering)
• Two sets of our GP Extended Motor Bolts to mount the solenoids to the motors

The New Top housing boasts the following features:

•Cast LM67 Aluminium housing for strength and reliability.
•Large EN36 case hardened gears for ultimate performance.
•Fully supported motor pinion gears to stop motor shaft flex.
•NEW “flat-back” profile allows the winch to be fitted tight to radiators and intercoolers.
•+25% gear ratio for high speed, powerful recovery.
•Twin motors for hugely increased speed and torque.
•Multiple large bearings for enhanced smooth operation.
•Fits ALL Warn 8274 and ALL Gigglepin GP80 series winches.
•Unbeatable value and quality.
•Supplied with fitting instructions, breather elbow, breather pipe and mounting nuts and bolts.
•3 year Warranty (Does not include bearings, motors or solenoids).

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GP 10015 Rope splicing kit

Gigglepin rope Splicing kit. Our rope splicing kit is designed to provide an easy to use product to all users of synthetic winch rope. The kit comes in a plastic tube which can be easility stored, no matter if your a competition, recreational or commercial user, this kit is jsut what you need to splice synthetic ropes.

Kit Contains :

•10mm Stainless Steel "Fid" tool
•Roll of insulating tape
•Craft Knife with spare blades
•GP Rope splicing guide

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GP 10016 Free spool lever assembly

The GP Freespool Activation Lever for the Warn 8274 is a replacement for the original part. Our improved unit has the folowing features:

1.Heavier duty casting to withstand physical knocks
2.Oil filler plug for easier oil changes
3.Heavier duty M6 mounting bolts
4.Larger knob for ease of use
5.Screw in lock mechanism to eliminate the chance of accidental disengagement.

Some modifiation to the top housing is necessary, but the Gigglepin 8274 free spool activation lever is supplied as a complete kit with tools, fittings & instructions. This product has been designed and manufactured using the highest quality materials & treatments for excellent corrosion resistance.

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GP 10001 Extended Motor Bolts

Gigglepin Winch Motor Bolts are designed to allow easy and secure fitment of Albright Solenoids directly to your winch motor.Suitable for most 12v and 24v Motors.

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GP 11004 Winch motor gasket

The Gp Motor Gasket removes the need to use messy sealant and can be reused.

These gaskets fit almost all motors.


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GP 60101 Gigglepin Heavy Duty Up-Rated Mainshaft kit

Redesigned to remove faults found with original unit that compromise strength and cause failures.

This is the same mainshaft that is used in our competition winning GP Series Winches.

Material grade has been increased from EN24 to EN36 to stop breakage.

Gears are now shimmed to support them, eliminating tooth breakage.

The circlip at the end of the shaft has been replaced with a cap and bolt configuration, ensuring correct brake function at all times.

The bearing surfaces have been manufactured to higher tolerances, giving unsurpassed reliability.

This shaft kit has been developed to give the serious Warn 8274 user the strength and reliability required in today's competition and extreme winch situations.

This kit has six advantages over the standard item:

•Increased material strength.

•Bolted end cap replaces brake end circlip.

•Enlarged bearing surfaces to spread load evenly.

•Deletion of retaining plate groove giving maximum shaft strength.

•Shimming of gears reducing gear tooth breakage of the splined cams.

•Redesigned, uprated cam gear for perfect cam engagement and greater strength.

The mainshaft kit is supplied with:

•Small cam gear

•Alloy "D" shim

•Large circlip and spacer

•2x M3 shim retaining bolts

•End cap and bolt

•Fitting guide

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GP 60121 Large Cam Gear

The GP large cam gear is precision cut from EN36. The re-design of the cam gear allows more positive engagement & meshing with the GP small cam gear, which is supplied with the GP Heavy Duty mainshaft kit

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GP 60201 HD Brake Shoes for all Warn 8274 and GP80 series Winches

The GP HD Brake Shoes feature increased surface area giving increased brake efficiency. Flexability to stop shoe breaking and thicker material to offer longer shoe life.

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GP 7605 Brake Pawl

The Gigglepin Brake Pawl is a direct replacement part for M8274 or GP80 series.

The grease nipple on the pawl is rotated 30 degrees further round to stop brake clatter on the faster winches.

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GP 7610 Replacement Drum End Bush 8274

This Nylon bush fits al the free end of the drum and is the std drum bearing used by Warn.

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GP 7634 Billet Brake

The GP billet brake assembly is precision machined from billet & is used on our GP Winches but is available as an upgrade replacement for a Warn 8274.

Due to the increased material strength & manufacturing process the brake assembly will last much longer than the standard Warn items (Pt no’s: 8703, 7601, 7600).

We have designed the ratchet reducing the number of teeth to 15 rather than 18, this reduces the risk of the pawl semi engaging which could cause considerable damage.

The inner & outer disc’s provide more positive engagement with the woodruff keys & large cam gear on the winches mainshaft.

To enhance the brake assembly, they are polished to give a professional long lasting finish.

Benefits of the GP brake assembly are:
•Reduced teeth on brake ratchet
•Improved brake performance
•Superior material quality
•Enhanced reliability
•Aesthetically pleasing
•Suitable for M8274 & GP82/83 winches

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GP70102 Albright Super Duty Solenoid 12Volt

These Super Duty Solenoids are manufactured by Albright International specially for Gigglepin 4x4 - do not accept cheap imitations!

In a small, water resistant package, the Albright solenoid can be located near the winch, or in the engine bay for ultimate reliability.

One Albright contactor is needed to replace the solenoid pack on standard single motor electric winches.

The features of the GP Albright Super Duty Solenoid are:

•Lower casing made from less rigid material making the unit more resistant to knocks and bangs
•Built in mounting brackets for secure fitment
•Heavier duty internal contacts
•Spade Terminals for switching circuitry spaced further apart for ease of fitting/maintenance
•1 yr component failure warranty
•Gigglepin branded label
•Supplied with wiring diagram

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Inline Twin-Motor Kits for bow motor 1,2 & XP motors

The Flamin Fabrications Inline Twin-Motor system has been extensively designed. Developed and tested in Australia and offers a cost effective alternative to our Twin Motor Top Housing. The Flamin Gigglepin Twin Motor Adapter for Warn 8274 winches as well as the Gigglepin GP80 sries winches is precision made from high Grade Aluminium. To add aesthetic attraction we have the adapter enodised in electric blue, this also keeps material corrosion at bay! The internal coupling is made from high grade steel for ultimate reliability and runs with high speed seeled bearings for efficiency. Supplied with the kit are 2 high tensile longer mounting bolts to hold the motor securley i place and a stainless bracket to support the 2nd motor and full fitting instructions. The inline motor kit is ideally suited for use with the Warn XP 6HP motor. However, we are also able to supply this kit with an adapter ring to suit the Bow Motor 1 & 2 motors.

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